Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Forskolin Corleus to help in my weight loss journey!

Disclosure: This is a paid promotion, however,  all opinions expressed here are entirely me pure & true.

Before I had my daughter, I was always slim. I dit take over the counter weight loss supplements,  to help me stay active and at my current weight. Then I started noticing,  the OTC  weight loss supplements were doing more harm to me than good- irregular heart beat, increase in heart beat, they were making me so nervous and gittery. So I had to stop, turns out, back then I didn't need them any way! So years later.. I got pregnant,  gained a lot amount of weight, now she was worth every pound and every stretch mark! But I'm having problems shedding pounds. The first year, I dropped a lot, the second year, I have slowly been gaining it back. So I needed a weight loss supplement but it had to be the perfect one. 
After giving Forskolin Corleus a chance, it's been over a month now and I am pleased to say... iI am down 14 pounds!! My first week,  I didn't do much, thd second week I changed my eating habits,  cut the soda and sweets out and now I'm on my way to loosing my weight loss goal! 
I love that the Forskolin Corleus doesn't give me any side effects,  no rapid heart beat, they don't make me nervous,  or gittery,  it's just an all natural,  weight supplement that has the power to boost my energy without make me feel... well like crap! Lol.. In all honesty I'm very happy with these weight supplements and I do have high hopes for them! I'm going to keep at it and see what happens next month and I'll definitely be back to give you all an update! These supplements are easy for me to swallow and doesn't leave a bad after taste. in 30 minutes I feel a natural energy boost and I'm ready for my workout.  Its giving me the power, will and motivation- that morning workouts and evening runs have turned into my daily routines!  

If you're interested in trying Forskolin Corleus, by Nourishing Well, then hop on over to Amazon. They come with a money back guarantee and a one year shelf life. I'll definitely be purchasing more!

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  1. Forskolin really helps us losing weight. I had the same problem with you and by the time i started using Enzymatic Therapy Coleus Forskohlii in just a week i can feel it that i lose weight and it's a month since i used it and i'm happy i lose 26 pounds.