Tuesday, April 7, 2015

EpicPod Xtreme Xtender- awesome selfie stick!

Disclaimer: I was provided compensation to to facilitate my honest review, all opinions expressed here are entirely me pure & true. 

Taking selfies, can really be a challenge, especially when you have friends you want a photo with. I know I want all of us to be in the photo and I don't want my arm in the picture! The EpicPod Xtreme Xtender, takes care of all that! I can get the best selfies and group photos, everyone can fit in the photo and it isn't such a close up!

First of all, it's very easy to use and easy directions to follow. It's Bluetooth, so it connects with my Samsung S4 but it also works for IPhone users.

The buttons work with a slight touch, no pressure needed! It has 2 different extensions, both are adjustable and locks into place so it's not wobbly and leaning.

What great about the selfie stick, it has foam around the phone slot, so it won't scratch my expensive device. The phone slot is also adjustable and fits phones of different sizes and closes great, so the phone doesn't fall out.

I am very impressed at how easy it works, after connecting to your phone and turning the camera on, you just simply push 1 button and it snaps the photo, you can even record video with it!

It also comes with a charging cable and a screw on lanyard on the end. That's where you charge the selfie stick. It is a great feature, because it protects the charging port, by not allowing and dirt or dust roll in. Then when it's closed it works as a lanyard! The handle has a great grip, and the buttons are properly placed on the selfie stick. I don't have to figet around to use the buttons! It captures great photos and is made very well.

You never know when you're gonna need it, I like to take it with me on family outings and has turned out to be a great device for me know! It's also very fun to play around with, even my husband thinks so! The packaging is very, eye catching and would make a perfect gift for anyone that lives selfies or friendly photos!

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