Saturday, March 21, 2015

Organize your silverware drawer

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Do you have junk drawers that is in need of organization? I sure do!! Especially my silverware drawer. I've always used the cheap, dollar store trays for my silverware,  but they are too big and bulky,  silverware is falling into different slots and they slide up and down, that drives me crazy! So I got thd KD Bamboo Organizer and I put it to good use, with my silverware. It fits inside my drawer perfectly, it has a little bit if weight to it so that it doesn't slide around in your drawer and it has deep and spacious slots, so my forks aren't falling into my spoons.. or my spoons aren't falling into my butter knives!

It has a smooth finish, so there is no bamboo piece's poking out! It would make a nice organizer for my junk drawers, too! I loved to be organized, but the hubby isn't so much!  That's a man though lol! 

So get organized with the KD Bamboo Organizer, available on Amazon

I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes.  

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