Friday, March 27, 2015

Fit for a Princess #BonnieJeanDresses!

I was first introduced to Bonnie Jean Clothing line, for my daughter, a little over a year ago. I first noticed this line at the local mall. I have been a huge fan of Bonnie Jean  since! From 2 piece outfits with ruffles, and the most gorgeous dresses, that are fit for a princess!  If your having trouble trying to find your daughter an Easter Dress than Bonnie Jean Dress Shop is bound to have something, from 2T - 6x. 

Even when they are shipped the wrapping is cute! Each dress is perfectly wrapped in white tissue paper.

Drum Roll please..... introducing, Girls Dresses by Bonnie Jean!

Jenny Dress

Pictures just doesn't do justice!  Even though they are absolutely beautiful in photos, just wait till you see them in person or on your daughter!  

The colors on the Qynn-dress is absolutely gorgeous, with blue and white stripes on top, with orange and white polkadots on the bows, the top is super soft. The Qynn-dress is extra full and fluffy with 4 layers of different materials and designs,  the first layer has silver chevron print, when she walks in this, your eyes will twinkle! I love puffy shoulders and the right fitting around the top, this dress is full of color and detail.  The Qynn-dress will be absolutely perfect for Easter! 

The Jennny Dress has a comfortable knit top, the skirt is full and fluffy like with 3 layers and is absolutely stunning on. It's very detailed even down to each rosette, with sewn in sequins inside, giving it the perfert amount of sparkle and embellishment on the top. These dresses would be perfect for Easter, your daughter will definitely make a fashion statement!  But they can also be everyday dresses, even something to wear to school, just match them with a cute pair of flats or sandlals, be prepared to get a lot of compliments!

Even my 2 year old was super excited when we got the Bonnie Jean Dresses!  She wanted to try on the Qynn-dress first and didn't want to take it off!

She is already such a little diva! 

For care, I have always washed my daughter's Bonnie Jean outfits in cold water  and by their selves,  the same can be down with the dresses,  just turn them inside out before washing and hang to dry. This will help preserve the color longer.

Hop on over to the Girls Dress Shop by Bonnie Jean,  to look at all the different styles of dresses,  there will definitely be more than one that will catch your eye!

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  1. I have a six month old son, but this makes me itch for a little girl!! I will be sharing for my friends who have little girls!!

    1. Thanks Kate! boys are precious, congrats on your new addition!

  2. These dresses are absolutely adorable! They look really well put together as well and seem to be reasonably priced.

  3. Aww these dresses are so cute!! I want to get one for my niece!! :)

  4. It's been so long since I've dressed a little girl in such cute clothes. Those dresses are adorable.

  5. Those dresses are gorgeous and so is your daughter!! Thanks for sharing this company I will have to check them out.