Saturday, March 21, 2015

Elite Man -Multivitamins for your man!

I am a strong believer in vitamins, not only for children but adults to. I would much rather take a multivitamin and hopefully keep the doctors away! Haha! I seriously do feel that way. My husband is the same way, now, since I have been pushing them on him, but now, he takes them on a regular bases and is a strong believer to. We got the opportunity for him to try out Elite Man Multivitamin

These are a little different than he normally takes, he was taking One a Day. With Elite Man the suggested dose is 3 tablets a day, preferably with meals. So we decided to compare Elite Man to his daily vitamin, and found that Elite Man would be the better vitamin for him. It has higher doses of Vit-C, Calcium,  even potassium,  But it also has Digestive Enzyme Blend of 30 mg, Detox Blend of 100mg and most importantly Omega Oils if 200mg. 

Elite Man Multivitamin, aids in

 ■ Boosting Energy ■ 
■ Increasing Stamina ■ 
■ Improving Focus ■
■ Promoting Proper Digestion ■ 

- Made with 8 Custom Blends -

Elite Man comes in a monthly supply of 90 tablets of 3 a day. 

My husband started taking these the day he got them and has not changed back go his normal vitamins. He works very long hours,  being a Security Technician,  he works hard everyday, he finds himself tired and sleepy at work, now that he has been taking Elite Man Multivitamin,  he has noticed a tremendous difference,  he is more alert, he no longer finds gets sleepy during the day and says he can focus so much better. 
He is so happy to be introduced to Elite Man Multivitamin and says that he will now switch and purchase Elite Man. 

Not only does it work better for him, it makes, wifey more happy, I love the fact that when he comes home from work and isn't tired and ready for bed! He is more active at home and isn't a couch potato!! Woo-hoo! He has more energy to keep up with the kids and me! 

Now keep in mind this supplement has not been evaluated by the FDA, but I haven't noticed him turning orange or changing in to the Green Giant Hulk! LOL! They don't hurt him in any way but actually help in many ways! 

Verdict: He approves!

Elite Man Multivitamins is available on Amazon and comes with Free 2 day shipping for Prime Members.  

Disclaimer: I was provided product & compensation for my review,  however, my opinions expressed here are 100% my own. 

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