Tuesday, March 17, 2015

8 Easy Tips for a stress free Easter Dinner HoneyBakedEaster

Easter is a very special holiday for us. It's the day Jesus was resurrected. We love to celebrate, by hiding Easter eggs for the little ones, decorating, good food and time with family! But when your slaving over the hot stove for the weekend, making your list of ingredients, hitting the stores, fighting a crowd,  cooking for the weekend, getting everything decorated and cleaning up can get so stressful, by the time Sunday rolls around,  mom is just so exhausted & stressed out, it's hard to enjoy Easter with the family. That's why we are having a HoneyBaked Easter, decreasing time spent in the kitchen and shopping, allowing more time with family and friends.

HoneyBaked started in 1957 and is know for the most flavorful, moist and tender Ham, topped with its signature sweet, crunchy glaze. Each HoneyBaked Ham is slow-smoked for more than 20 hours for unparalleled tenderness. Finally each Ham is hand glazed in each store for an incredible taste that's second to none. Spiral Sliced and ready to serve, it's as easy as it is delicious and gluten free!

At HoneyBaked Ham, they offer premium, convenient meals. No cooking is involved, everything is precooked and only needs about 45 minutes to an hour to bake in the oven. HoneyBaked offers a wide variety of foods, depending on location,  like Honey Glazed Ham....Turkey, Sweet Potato Souffle,  Mashed Potatoes, Mac n Cheese  Cornered Dressing, Rolls, deserts and  so much more. 

It is a family tradition that we get always get our ham from HoneyBaked,  the ham is always the star at the table! They're ham is so tender and delicious, with a fabulous glaze, it's the best ham I have ever eaten and there sides are just as fabulous, too! 

My mom was always the Holiday Host in our family. These special occasions have now been passed to down to me, now that us kids are grown and I have children of my own. Ever year my holiday dinners have grown tremendously, not only does my immediate family and husband's family, join us but our friends and their kids come, the more the merrier! Cooking for a lot of people can get hard and very time consuming and not to mention, extremely stressful! Each year I have picked up some shortcuts and time saving tips, to share with you! 

1. Plan on serving precooked Meals, by HoneyBaked Ham.  
I normally go 2 days before Easter, to choose my Ham and sides. The staff is always super nice and professional, you can even taste samples, before purchasing. By having a #HoneyBakedEaster you will have less dirty dishes, no meal planning and slaving in the kitchen over the weekend, this way you have more time to spend with your family and make more memories to last forever.  

2. Set up a drink buffet
Have a variety of drinks available,  on the counter. Always get a diet carbonated drink, different sodas, water, tea and drinks for the kids, like a variety of different flavored juice boxes. Have a stack of Easter colored cups, so you can save time, without to wash a lot of cups!

3. Dying Easter Eggs with the kids on Easter Day.
I'm sure this is one of the most favorite activities in every family!  While the HoneyBaked foods are being heated in the oven, give the kids an area to work on decorating Easter eggs and be sure to lay newspaper down, cause it's going to get a little messy! If your doing hard boiled eggs, boil them the night before. Instead of buying the dying kits, purchase plastic cups & a variety of food coloring, add a few drops of vinegar with a few drops of food coloring to get the desired color. This trick works much better than the egg dying kits. All the kids will have love this time together!  

4. Go with Easter Themed,  paper plates, plastic silverware and napkins, with a nice Easter Centerpiece. It makes for great decoration for the table and there is no clean up, afterwards.  

5. Making Memories
Have your camera charged up, so you can capture some of the greatest moments With your loved ones. These pictures will be something you can look back on forever!  

6. Turn the TV off and take away all the cell phones!
Easter is about spending time with the family and everyone enjoying themselves.  So ask for everyone to hand over their phones and get ready for some fun games after dinner!  After our Easter Egg hunt, we havd activities for all ages, like the "Egg and Spoon Race" you can use raw eggs or hard boiled eggs! Make a start and finish line, whoever makes it to the finish line first without breaking the egg wins! Your prize could be a large chocolate bunny. 

7. Enjoy yourself! 
Easter is a special day and great way to get the whole family together. Try spending the whole afternoon with each other, relax, catch up and just have a great time! Take lots and lots of photos, so you can tag everyone on social media later! Don't forget to take pictures of your #HoneyBakedEaster!

 8.  Get creative makingEasterBaskets!
The bigger the better! Sit the basket in your childs room before they wake up, on Easter Day. This one is a large tub, with an empy box on bottom, filled with lots of goodies on top, dont give too much candy so they have room to eat.

Hop on over to the HoneyBaked Store Locator to find one near you.

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I hope everyone has a great Easter! Enjoy each and every moment,  with great food and family!

Disclosure:  HoneyBaked Ham provided me with free product and compensation,  all opinions expressed here are entirely me pure & true.  


  1. Wow those are some really useful tips, I'll definitely be putting them to good use this Easter. Your dinner looks delicious too!

    1. Thank you very much! I hope you have an amazing Easter!

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  3. Those are some great tips and the dinner looks wonderful. I will have to try a honey baked ham next time I want a great dinner.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, have a great Easter

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    1. Thank you, Donna, have a blessed Easter!