Tuesday, January 20, 2015

#Xtava Rotating Curling Iron

I have extra long hair and it's straight as a board! It won't hold curl, what so ever, no matter how much hair spray I add to it. I hate having my hair feel "crispy" from the hairspray, plus the curl will fall out in less than an hour. Common curling irons just don't cut it, for me. I need something more powerful and more effective,  the Xtava Rotating Curling Iron, is just what I need! 

I can create different looks with it, from beach waves to spirals. Just use smaller sections for the sprial and larger sections for larger curls. It only take a few seconds to get a curl, I normally hold it on my hair for about 5 seconds.  It gives a beautiful bouncy curl. The Xtava Rotating Curling Iron is made very well and is built to last. It comes in a very nice box, I immediately knew this was going to be a high quality curling device. 

It has a ceramic coated barrel and let me just say it's very effective,  for me, it will reduce the risk of damage because I don't have to use it on my hair as long. Before it took me over an hour to do my hair. Now I can curl it in under 30 minutes,  and achieve a prettier style! I love this rating curling iron! It also has a digital LCD Display Screen,  that reads the temperature,  it is very bright and you can see the numbers very good.  

The difference between this rotating curler iron is that it has the clamping iron, whole others dont, I actually like this better... It's a battle for me if I don't have the claiming arm, just trying to get the hair to hold and not get tangled up is a pain! Plus I can't get the entire strand of hair. With the Xtava,  I can get from root to tip! 

I also love to use it just to curl the ends of my hair, the barrel is large enough to where I can get a good, "curl under". 
The Xtava Rotating Curling Iron features a swivel cord and the power cord is 8 feet long!! That's so awesome,  cause my mirror is too far from my outlet, so I'm always moving my huge mirror in my room! I've did my hair and makeup for ever with this mirror and can't change, lol!

I did more if a loose, beach wave style and this is my hair 6 hours later! No Hair Spray!

The Xtava Rotating Curling Iron, is available on Amazon for only $45.00 and if you ask me, I think iit's a great price, for such an effective curler and will last you a very long time, it's the most highest quality curling iron I have ever owned,  and trust.. me you won't be let down!  

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful iron to have

  2. I love curling irons that are good for the hair!

  3. You and your hair look gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this wonderful product with us :)

  4. I like the curls produced. Its like beach waves. Its so pretty. great post!

  5. I have their 5 in 1 but haven't tried this one. Your hair looks great!

    1. Thank you Brenda, I just got the 5 in 1 today, how do you like it. I can't wait to try it.