Sunday, January 11, 2015

Professional 12 Set Makeup Brush Kit by Petunia Skincare

I have always been a makeup diva! I have worn makeup every since I was in middle school and now in my late twenties, I'm still the same girl but with more knowledge and more of an artist! One thing I have never used though was, a set of professional makeup brushes, I never knew what the fuss was all about and didn't understand why we needed an expensive makeup brush kit, now I know why! The Makeup Brush Set by Petunia Skincare,  has changed my opinion really quickly! 

The Makeup Brush Set by Petunia Skincare,  comes with everything you will ever need for applying makeup:

Powder brush
Blush brush
Foundation brush
Eyeshadow brush
Smudge brush
Fan brush
Concealer brush
Eyebrow blush
Eyeliner blush
Sponge applicator
Lip brush
Spoolie brush

This set is packaged really nice and comes in a nice carrying case, to hold all the brushes. The handles are wooden and has a nice Metallic color! The set and carrying bag is absolutely adorable!  It also comes with Brush Guards to maintain shape and keep them like new. 

They are handmade with high quality,  Synthetic and Natural Hair for a precise and soft application.  You also get a pamphlet that identifies each brush and it's use and tells what kind of hair it's made with. This was really beneficial to me, since I was a beginner with these brushes! I learned fast though!  

Applying makeup will never be the same! I wear heavy makeup, it's hard to achieve the look I want but these brushes make it so much easier. Makeup doesn't cling to them like a common brush so you can use different colors without cleaning and allows you to evenly distribute makeup on your skin. They apply so much better and more precise and just easier. 

The handles are made strong and the hairs are super soft and silky, but durable and doesn't shed. This has been a problem with all my makeup brushes in the past. These brushes does not shed at all and are made to last. 

The great part about Petunia Skincare,  they don't test on animals! I'm a proud supporter! 

You can purchase the 12 Set Makeup Brush Kit on Amazon $47.77. But my readers can get it for 40% off. Making it $28.67 using Promo Code:
This won't last long, so take advantage while you can! Petunia Skincare offers a lifetime warranty!

I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes, all opinions expressed here are entirely me pure & true.  

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