Wednesday, December 3, 2014

NuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Before & After

I have extremely dry, damaged hair, caused from daily heat and too much hair color. I used to bleach my hair all the time and it really damaged my hair more than anything,  so recently I went brown now I'm at dark brown. So I have been working on repairing my hair but it's hard when I'm blow drying and using a curling iron or straightener on it daily. 
For the last few weeks I have been using NuNAAT the Keratin Line. 
Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Leave in Reconstructor,  Intensive Hair Mask & Serum Ultra Shine. 

During this time I also dyed my hair, with over the counter color. 

I'm totally blown away, at the results from the Keratin Line. My hair hasn't looked this good in years! 

NuNAAT Deep Moisturizer Shampoo & Deep Conditioner, contains highly nutritious agents to ensure maximum hydration and flexibility,  it provides protection from future damage, like from daily heat, color, sun, sea salt,& chlorine.  It's formulated with green keratin, which is resistant to rinsing so it remains in the hair longer. Keeping it more flexible and shiny and is Sodium Chloride Free. It gives a great wash and doesn't have an overpowering scent. I love the slight fragrance it has and is long lasting. It sorta feels dry when applying but the Deep Conditioner takes care of that. Both are very hydrating, leaving my hair incredibly silky soft, with a shine! I have extremely thick and super long hair. Most conditioners take the volume from my hair and leave it flat looking, the Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner gave my hair more volume, and just looked overall more healthier.  

Liquid Keratin Leave in Reconstructor is amazing!  Sometimes I'm in a rush if I wake up too late of the mornings and don't have time to wash and do my hair, normally I would just pull my hair up in a poney tail, because it's so frizzy and and no fluff or volume.  So I love the tge leave in conditioner, you don't have to rinse it, you can add it to dry hair and just blow dry. It adds volume and keeps the frizz down, plus a deep shine and soft strands. It smells great too!!

The Intensive Hair Mask is absolutely amazing! It's a reconstructive cream that's rich in green keratin,  that restores thickness, providing increase in hair strength,  shine and softness.  
You apply it from root to tips and leave it on for qu minutes covered, then rinse thoroughly.  This stuff is really powerful and will give you results instantly.  I'm very impressed.  

The Ultra Shine Serum builds a protective layer around the hair transplant against heat, sealing hair cuticles. It gives my hair such a bright shine and is increasingly soft, it's not so oily like most serums I've used in the passed. It is very absorbent, and doesn't leave my hands oily. Not much is needed, even with thick long hair, a few drops will do. It will also reduce frizz and add volume. 

Using the Keratin Line has really repaired my hair, even with daily heat and color. The results are intense.  
My hair keeps volume now, the frizz is gone, all the dryness and brittleness is gone,  my hair looks and feels incredible. 
It also holds curl so much better. 

I'm more than eased with this line. Like I said, my hair hasn't looked and felt this great in such a long time. It repairs and protects from future color and heat. 
NuNAAT has something for everyone, you can find the different collections here
I had never heard of this line, until now, since I have been using it I saw it at my local Walgreens.  Use the store locator here to find at a store near you. 
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Verdict: I highly recommend! 
I'm definitely going to be a loyal customer!  I'm so happy with how beautiful and manageable my hair is now and I can still use daily heat without worries!  

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary for testing and review purposes,  all opinions expressed here are entirely me pure & true. 


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  2. I learned a lot from your review and your hair looks fabulous. I have dry damaged hair from dyeing for years and this looks like it could really help my hair.