Sunday, December 14, 2014

Expandable Hose Review

If you are looking for an expandable water hose and don't want to pack around all the weight, then look no further!  The Quality Expandable Hose, by Quality Source Products, is just what you need! 

The Expandable Hose starts out at 33 feet, when water pressure is turned on it will expand to 100 feet in just seconds. It's built very strong with 100 PSI working pressure and 300 PSI burst Pressure, you will not be disappointed!

 33 feet

 100 feet

During the summer months, I have a small garden in my back yard, I have tons of plants on the front porch and around the front, it's hard to water daily, with traditional water hoses. We had 2 connected together so it could reach the back, equalling 100 ft. Everyday, it's a challenge rolling it up and trying to keep it neat, especially packing it to the back yard, that's really a lot of weight with 2 connected together. So for a while I was unconnecting them for the front and back, my outside water spicket is close to front porch where all my flowers are. But the garden is where I need all the length at, so I had my hands full. It takes time and muscle. I'm already ready for the summer to hit again,  the Expandable Water Hose is just what I needed. It's really going to save me a lot of time and energy. 

It doesn't kink, tangle, twist or leak, like a traditional water hose does. 
It's also great because after using, I always try to get all the water out of the hose, this was a challenge with my old water hose, but I can get all the left behind water out by using the sprayer and not even need it lifted up. 

It's great for washing the car too, especially since it doesn't tangle, while moving back and forth in a smaller space. 

I love watching it expand,  it really is so cool! It only takes just a couple seconds to shrink it back. It's easy to do and quick, I use the sprayer for this, to allow all the water to spray out. Plus it comes with a spray nozzle. It has 7 different sprays:
Jet, mist, full, cone, center, flat, & shower.

Storage has never been so easier!  
 It can fit completely around the outside faucet! Before this wasn't possible with a 100 feet of hose! Plus it looks a lot neater! It's very well made, with stong material and is super light weight with a bright color.

Hop on over to Amazon and pick you your expandable hose here. I'm super impressed with it and have never seen a water hose with so much before! It would make a fantastic Christmas gift for any man or treat for yourself!

I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes, all opinions expressed are entirely me pure & true.

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