Monday, December 15, 2014

Baby Banana Toothbrush Review & Giveaway

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If you have a child that is teething,  I have some help. The Baby Banana Toothbrush. It's made of s soft silicone, but it's a safe material, BPA, Latex, Phthalate & Toxin Free. My daughter is now 2 but still has new teeth coming in, she started teething very early, around 4 months old she got her first 2 teeth. I was always paranoid about teething rings or teething toys, I was a new mom and scared of all the toxins she could be chewing on. I did buy some teething rings and stuff bug she actually didn't use them. Those rings were hard and just huge, I never understood how they could help anyway. I wish I had know about the Baby Banana Toothbrush then, I think it would have really helped early on like that. The handles make it easy to grasp, especially for infants. The material is very soft and extremely soothing to her. Up until now she was constantly chewing on her fingers. The Baby Banana Toothbrush is reasonably priced with different selections to choose from, they are super cute! The toothbrush cleans teeth great but is just extremely soothing for kids who are teething. 

They are flexible and dishwasher safe.
You can also put it in the fridge for an hour or e giving even more comfort.  My daughter loves chewing on it for Gum relief and even loves brushing her teeth with it! This toothbrush has made such an impact with my daughter's teething pains, I just wish I would have found out about it earlier! I love how wide they are, making it easier for infants to grasp and hold on to. The brittle and raised texture also makes it more soothing and comfortable for your little one.

Hop on over to Baby Banana Brush to purchase sany many to selections to choose from even sharks to anoctopus. The Cornelius Teething Toothbrush can be purchased for $8.95 and is built to last. 

The company has allowed me to host a giveaway for one of my readers. 

I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes.  Powered by USFamily Guide. 

Baby Banana Toothbrush Giveaway


  1. My daughter is 2 .. i think i entered her age instead of my name on the gleam thing. Whoops! Sleepy brain LOL

  2. I want this to give to a friend with a 5 month old. He will be teething soon!

  3. My little cousin is 9 months old with 4 teeth already is love to have this for his stocking

  4. That's a way to get them to eat there veggies lol