Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Astor Custom Fit Outdoor Armchair Cover by SKG Group

The Astor Custom Fit Outdoor Armchair Cover by SKG Group, is just what I needed. 
It has an outer s that sheds precipitation and will not crack in cold temperatures, plus a PVC undercoating that will stop water in tracks, it's made if a heavy duty material and is sewn with strong, interlocking seams to withstand years and years of wear and tear.

I have owned several chair covers, they blow right off, they crack, and only cover so much. This chair cover is the best I have ever owned or seen around here! I have a large chair so I can fit it completely over it with nothing showing underneath, providing that my wicker chair is 100% protected by the weather and the animals!

It seems like we have had nothing but high winds and rains this winter. Since I have had this cover over my chair, not once has it blown off or cracke, nor leaking. I have checked many times after s hard rain and there was not a single wet spot, what so ever. It's not been had any color change and looks just like I opened it out of the box, same for the chair, it looks the same as ig did when I covered it. I will be buying new outdoor furniture next year, but I'll never get rid of my wicker chairs, I have another but it's stored in the garage, cause of the damage both have already endured, I wish I had this cover a long time ago! But when I get my new furniture I will definitely be purchasing the Astor Chair Covers and a table cover, they have that too.

The chair cover also features 2 handles, one on top & one about midway, where the seat would be. The handles make it so easy to slip on and pull off.
I'll use this cover for the rest of the winter, I'm very confident it will be fully protected and will last me a very long time. When the ssummer comes, I plan to use it only during bad weather but if I can't get the animals out I'll put it back on!

The Astor Custom Fit Outdoor Armchair Cover comes with a 3 year warranty against damage by dry rot, mold or mildew and sun exposure.  You can purchase it on Amazon,  right now for just $19.95 here. Which is is an incredible,  reasonable price.  I'm very impressed by it and will never want another chair cover, cause I can count on Astor Chair Cover.

I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes, all opinions expressed here are entirely me pure & true. 


  1. What a great cover, i'm glad you can protect that beautiful chair now.

    1. Thanks lol it used to be really pretty till the weather got it :(

  2. Thanks for sharing this cover - this is very useful for this time of year!