Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wet Ones Wet Wipes

 Wet Ones- Antibacterial hand wipes
Delivers a fresh start anywhere!  Kills 99.99% of germs helping prevent the spread of bacteria & they remove dirt, providing a better clean than hand sanitizers. 
They work great for quick clean ups, sticky foods, grease, dirt and everyday messes.  

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes are tough on dirt and germs, while also gentle on skin, because of the added Aloe Vera.  
You can keep your family clean anywhere, when soap and water isn't available.  
Choose between 3 different varieties: singles, travel packs or canisters.  
The singles are perfect when your on the go and fit right in your pocket with out being noticed. 
I carry them in my car and purse so that I can keep my daughter's hands clean anywhere we go. We recently visited a pumpkin patch and a petting zoo. There was no water fossets, good thing I took the singles cause my daughter was letting goats lick food from her hands. Which is a mom's worst nightmare!  I want her hands clean!

The wipes are extra large and great for bigger hands to! 
Cleans and sanitizes immediately, allow them to ait dry.   

You can also purchase the limited addition Citrus Scent, in the canister.  It smells great and comes in a stylish container with 40 wipes. 
Can be found at Walmart and drug stores. 
For more information Wet Ones Here

I received these products complimentary from Smiley360. All opinions expressed are entirely me 100%. 

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  1. These would really come in handy with pets too. And to keep in the car. A lot of times I go grocery shopping and my hands get sticky or dirty from the store and I hate getting my dirty hands on my steering wheel. These would be great to keep in the car and wipe and sanitize my hands after shopping. And with winter coming these would help ward off germs too.