Monday, November 10, 2014

Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa

I'm definitely a hot chocolate lover! 
If you haven't checked out Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa, then definitely put it on your next grocery list. 
It only has 5 simple ingredients 
(Sugar, cocoa, non-milk, salt, natural flavor)
There is no preservatives,  no artificial colors or flavors! SwEEt!! 
All you do is mix to an 8 ounce cup of warm milk and that's it, unless you like topping! 

The kids will love it too! 

Cheers :)

Available in Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate.  
Check out for more info. 

I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes, from Influenster, all opinions expressed are entirely me 100%.

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  1. Wow that looks really good! I love hot cocoa especially now that it's getting colder outside. I'm going to have to try this new kind out because I love a real chocolaty cocoa.