Thursday, November 6, 2014

8in Earth Pan by Ozeri - Review

I'm definitely getting more and more concerned with the products I use today, whether it be household cleaners, shampoos, food and even what I cook in. It's hard to find the right pan though, I want something strong and durable,  but at the same time I want something that is going to be safe for my family. Before it used to be that traditional non stick pans could only leech chemicals if the pan was scrached, now it's documented that chemicals can leach into your food and without scratches from traditional non-stick cooking ware,  certain chemicals can leech into your foods when high temperatures are reached. That's why I trust the Green Earth Pan, by Ozeri . 
It's 100% PTFE & PFOA free and is naturally deprived from nature with no chemicals in the making.
 It also comes with a stylish, matching storage protector. So if you need to stack something on it, you won't be getting any scratches or damage to the coating.

The Green Earth Pan, features a Greblon Ceramic Coating. It's elevated texture creates air pockets, which distribute heat underneath to enhance cooking. The Patterned Surface helps prevent food from bonding for superior nonstick performance and easy cleaning.

Greblon elevated texture

What is PTFE
A synthetic substance that has waxy properties,  when reached at high temperatures, it begins to decompose and release fumes that have been documented to be lethal to pets and birds and is believed to be harmful to humans. Sounds Very Frightening.
But, about 2 months ago I had purchased a set of nonstick pans. Just a cheap set, but it seems like I first started seeing water spots after they went through a cycle in the dishwasher.  Every time I used these pans and washed them these spots got worse. This was the last time I washed it in the dishwasher...

This pan is clean.... but I do have a couple older nonstick pans that I use and of course wash in the dishwasher and I have never seen this before. Anyways these pans are now out of my kitchen and in the trash can. I have tried wiping them out and the wax just comes back, I've tried using vinegar and even lemon juice, nothing works. So I'm definitely scared of what we have been eating.

The ceramic coating on the Green Earth Pan is deprived from nature. So I'll never have to worry about chemicals leaching into my family's food.
It's performance is incredible.  Nothing sticks to this pan what so ever. It's heavy which is great, and will never buckle on you. That's the most common problems I have had with my pans. It seems like they buckle in a very short time of use.  That's not going to happen with the Green Earth Pan. While it is safe to use in dishwasher I perfer to hand wash mine with a soft sponge and a light dish liquid & add a layer of organic coconut oil to preserve it.

Since this pan is naturally deprived & free from chemicals,  it's not recommended that you use, Nonstick sprays, as they do contain additives and release too much oil. With the Green Earth Pan you only need a  1/4 teaspoon. You want to rub evenly into the surface of the pan and use a soft napkin to remove excess.
This is probably the hardest habit I have had to break. It's so hard to cut down on the oil, because I've always needed a lot, but not with this pan! So I'm looking forward to better health,  too!

So how does it cook?
Nothing will stick to this pan, I mean nothing!  If your cooking eggs, they are so much easier too cook they flip easier. Meats seem to cook out more oil for draining, instead of cooking back in to the meat. I have more oil when it comes time to drain. So that's great, I could loose a few pounds!

Breakfast :)

This pan is different from any other pans I have used and you will have to get adjusted to which heat setting you need. Cause it does cook faster than any traditional pan, I've used.

It's very easy to clean, because nothing sticks to it. I mean I have put this pan to the test with everything and I can't find one complaint! It has a comfortable silicone handle and is also safe to use in the oven.
This pan will last you for a very, long, time as long as you treat it right and care to it. Never use anything sharp in it, always stick to a soft cooking utensil and never use any metals. Also once a month I would add a thin layer of coconut or olive oil to preserve it and always hand wash and you will get a longer lifespan.

Verdict: I highly recommend!
The Ozeri,  Green Earth Pan,  would make a great addition to your kitchen cabinets!  And with holidays right around the corner, it would be a perfect gift!

So what are you waiting for! Hop on over to Amazon 8in Green Earth Pan, by Ozeri
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I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes,  all opinions expressed here are entirely me 100% pure and true.

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  1. This looks like a great pan and I love how it's safe from all the chemicals unlike other pans. I had several pans do exactly what your older one did. I ended up throwing them away because I was afraid we would end up eating the coating that was starting to flake off. I'm definitely going to look into purchasing a set of these pans. Love the green color too!