Wednesday, November 26, 2014

One Direction Makeup Tin Special Edition

One Direction just released a Limited Edition MakeupTin, by Markwins, that just hit stores, November 15th at such as Walmart,  Target,  Kmart & Sears.

There are 5 collectable tins, that houses a beauty collection palette, One For Each Band Member: 
♡Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall & Liam♡
Inside is everything you need to rock your beauty looks on or off the stage!

Contents Include:

 6 Eyeshadows

☆Metallic Silver {NOBODY COMPARES} 
☆Metallic Nude Pink {TELL ME A LIE}
☆Metallic Mint {SAME MISTAKES}
☆Smokey Brown Shimmer {I WOULD}
☆Smokey Purple Haze {SUMMER WANT}
☆Smokey Black Shimmer {EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU}
1 Eye Pencil

*True Matte Black {I WANT}

4 Lip Gloss

☆Bubble Gum Pink {LOVED YOU FIRST}
☆Frosted Pink Ice {ONE THING}
☆Shimmered Pearl {IRRESISTIBLE}
☆Creamy Rose Shine {HEART ATTACK}
(with applicator)

1 Lip Gloss Coat

☆Silver Glitter Sparkle {OVER AGAIN}

2 Nail Varnish

☆Magnetta Pink Shimmer {STOLE MY HEART}
☆Multi-coloured Glitter Flakes {ALIVE}

I received 3 keepsake tins:
☆☆Harry, Liam & Zayn ☆☆

The collectible tins are so cute with, handsome photos of the band members and has exclusive doodles and instructions.

☆☆My Thoughts☆☆

I'm totally a Makeup DIVA!
At the age of 28, I still like to wear the coolest and hottest makeup, I want to stand out... feel confident... & still be the coolest & hippest  28 year old around :)

 I really love the side door of each keepsake tin, it displays instructions and shows you where to apply each rocking color on your eyes, lips, and even varnish to wear & where to apply the eye liner. Each tin has a different rocking look.


Which is perfect for any teen, learning to wear makeup or wanting a different, stylish look.

The eyeshadow applies nice & evenly, it's not loose, so it's not all over your face. 
I really love the Metallics, they're my favorites, especially the mint! The glitter gives it more a vibrant look and will definitely have you standing out in a crowd! I love all 6 of the eyeshadows,  I like to have a variety to choose from so that I can match my shirts with my eye color. Each color is really pretty, I'm totally them all!

Now you can't go with out eye liner!
☆I Want☆ Eye Pencil,  is amazing. Most eye pencils are hard to apply, this one goes on easy on the eyelid, top/bottom and even on the inside, bottom. the color is very bold and looks great on.

The lip glosses are just fabulous!  They are super pigmented and bright so I don't need a lipstick underneath, as the colors come out so vibrant and beautiful.  My favorite is the Bubbled Gum Pink! Oh its gorgeous, it also works wonders on giving your cheeks color! They feel nice and comfortable on my lips and are not sticky what so ever!
I'm really impressed with them. Most lip glosses I have used are always sticky and uncomfortable!

The lip gloss coat adds a sparkling look to the lip gloss and looks amazing over over the lip gloss or just by itself.

I'm totally loving the nail varnishes too!
It's thick and goes on smooth, really shiny and incredibly long lasting and doesn't start chipping immediately.  The ☆Pink Shimmer☆ is very bright, a beautiful color. The ☆Glitter Flakes☆ is so awesome,  it looks super amazing by its self or over top of the ☆Pink Shimmer☆ the glitter applies easy and looks incredible together.

The One Direction Limited Edition Makeup Tins, would make an incredible gift for any fan & make a lot of girls so happy.
It's also great for any age, if you want to rock fun, vibrant,  & mischievous colors, like me!! I'm truly impressed with this beauty collection palette! The keepsake tin is so adorable! I love how each item is named from the songs of One Direction.

The One Direction Limited Edition Makeup Tins just hit stores November 15th, you can find them at 

Sears & Kmart  (USA)
& Canadian residents can purchase at Walmart

The Limited Edition Makeup Tins will be 30% off Wednesday November 26th through Saturday at Mary's , Dillard's, Lord & Taylor and Stage. 

Connect with One Direction Makeup on here. Be the first to know about new 1D makeup coming out!

To win of 50, One Direction Limited Edition Makeup Tins, go Here for a huge giveaway!

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  1. Makeup lookseat on you, I had no idea One Direction had a makeup line.

  2. The makeup looks great on u, those colors are lovely.
    Zayn is the hottest, so id want his keepsake tin! I really like the pink lip gloss your wearing, its so bright, love it.
    Great blog post, girl you rocked it!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I bet it would look great on you too!

  3. nice info and the make does look great on you. the way you put it on reflects your eyes good. I didn't know who they were till my daughter told

    1. Ahh thank you so much, doll! Your so sweet! Yes all the teenagers know who 1D is :)

  4. Awesome review, thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thank you, Bethany! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Replies
    1. Those Metallics were awesome! Especially the Bubbled Gum lip gloss!

  6. I had no idea they even had a make-up line, just was telling my youngest daughter about it the other day.

    1. Hi Cathy! Yeh they have a lot of makeup out, they had some other keepsake tins released not long ago each was different colors for each band member. They were nice too. I didn't get those but after trying these I want to get the last ones! Thanks fof stopping by!

  7. Looks like some nice makeup and I love how they come in collectible tins. These would make great gifts.