Saturday, October 4, 2014

Simply Unique Bowtique

Hey ladies! I am seeing these baby chunk necklaces everywhere, I go and the most adorable hand made bows. The style's are simply amazing! I have been wanting some of this baby bling forever!  After browsing around sites and Facebook pages I have been seeing some really beautiful matching sets but are just ridiculously, over priced! 
So I found a lady that does homemade hair bows and necklaces for any age, that's also the cheapest. Simply Unique Bowtique only uses only the highest quality ribbon and beads. Here is a matching set, Simply Unique Bowtique made for my daughter and I have absolutely fell in love with it. It was so hard to choose! 

Yes it's beautiful, right?! but pictures just doesn't do it justice, let me tell ya! 
It was shipped fast and safely wrapped. The bow is an alligator clip so it can be attached to any headband or crochet hat. Not only is the ribbon high quality, but the bow it's self is made extra strong and isn't gonna come apart,  by a tugging, 2 year old. You can chose any colors or themes as well as any size, or charms. 
The necklace is absolutely astounding.  It's made with expensive beading and perfectly  handmade. It hooks together with this cute heart trinket. The lining looks to be a strong steel wiring,  definitely not fishing line, lol! It's also very flexible and isn't gonna break so easy.   

For this matching set it would cost around $15.00 and ships anywhere in the US. After doing some comparisons,  I found that most people was charging $15 bucks or more just for similar chunk necklace. So your getting a deal and definitely your money's worth! With it being football season, I'd love to get a Ravens colored, matching set! 

My princess wearing her #babybling

Hop on over to Simply Unique Bowtique on Facebook they post weekly giveaways and lots of deals! You can place orders there or

I should also add that if your looking for a certain color ribbon or a charm, Simply Unique Bowtique will gladly, special order anything to customize your style. 

Just one more picture I wanted to share with Halloween, coming up. 

It's absolutely beautiful right! I just want everything I see for my daughter! Having a little girl, I want all these gorgeous necklaces and hair bows! 

Disclaimer: I was given this necklace and bow, complimentary,  for my honest review.  All opinions expressed,  are 100% my own.@

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  1. Those are so cute and I love how you can pick the colors and totally customize them. And it sounds like the company really did their homework when it came to making them. Kids are rough on stuff especially toddlers so its nice to see they're build to last. These would make great gifts.