Friday, October 3, 2014

Puracy Natural Body Wash Review

Hey Ladies, I have found a new, Natural Body Wash, made from one of my favorite, natural brands, Puracy.  I wanted to share with you! I just got my pre order a few days ago! The scent is Citrus & Sea Salt and smells so desirable.  It also sports a salon style pump that's really convenient! 

With just a couple pumps, it forms lots of great soapy suds and gets me clean from head to toe! The Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, restores balance and purity to your skin and leaves me feeling extra soft and smooth.  Certain brands of body wash, will dry my skin out and make it feel ruff. Normally I would lather up in lotion, after a shower, but with the the new Puracy Body Wash, lotion isn't necessary anymore. My body smells good and is naturally soft, with no chemicals. 
There is so many good things, I have to brag on the company about, Puracy, does NOT test on animals,  and for every sale, Puracy donates all natural products to local family's, that are less fortunate.  So besides the fact there is no chemicals, what so ever in their products,  the donations and the fact that they don't test on animals, makes me support them even more. I have reviewed a lot of products for Puracy and I have never been let down. 
The bottle is fully biodegradable and is also hypoallergenic, gentle for babies, and even the fur babies! Yes the fur baby's need some extra love too! They need natural products too :) 
Puracy is made in USA and is satisfaction guaranteed!  

Can't get any better than that! So head on over to Amazon and order your 16 ounce bottle, now for just $12.99
Also be sure to stop by the Puracy website to see what else you would find interesting. 
Be sure to like them on Puracy on Facebook to be the first to know about new products that are in the works or about to be released!  

Disclaimer: I was given the product complimentary for testing and review purposes for my honest opinion,  my opinions expressed are entirely me 100%

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  1. I would love to try this. A lot of body washes dry out my skin or over moisturize and I have breakouts. This sounds like the perfect balance. And I love the natural citrus scent :)