Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ozeri 3X Tower Fan 44in - Review

Are you tired of those loud, noisey fans, especially when your trying to watch TV and you have to turn it up full blast just to try to hear it? Or if your fan is going at night and it's so loud, it wakes you up? We have all been there at some point, so I have the perfect, noise-free fan just for you! 

The Ozeri 3X Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology is packed full of all sorts of high quality features and a fully customizable cooling experience. 

If you need a fan in your home or business that can do it all, this is the one for you.  There are 3 independently controlled fans and 3 different fan speeds, offering up to 9 levels of customizable air flow. The fan is easily controlled via the touch sensitive LED control panel or the included extended range remote control that stores in the back of the fan when not in use.  The Ozeri 3X Tower Fan also features 3 preprogrammed air  flow pattern modes. This includes air flow patterns designed to induce sleep, relaxation, and comfort. This fan also features a 7.5 hour timer which can be programmed in 30 minute increments. The swing mode on this fan is another great feature. With the touch of a button on the remote or LED touch pad, the fan will swivel back and forth for maximum air circulation. The Ozeri 3X Tower Fan is extremely quite and very slim and light weight.  There is a handle on the back of the fan that allows you to pick up and move the fan to another room with just one hand. The stylish design of this fan makes it appropriate for any room in the house. It sits on a stylish glass stand and has a slick, glossy finish. This is a very high quality fan with true one step, no tools required, easy installation. Just attach the base to the fan with one large nut.

The fan is 44 inches and is very sturdy, it has a heavy glass bottom and stands very well, so it's not easy to knock over, but is still light weight and easy to to move from room to room with its built in handle, where you would store the remote. I have had a lot of electronics that has a touch pad, for instance my dishwasher, it has a touch pad but it's so hard to push the setting I want, with the fan, you just barely have to touch it, its very sensitive,  so don't worry about pressing hard, gouging and fighting, just to get it on! It also comes packed with a battery for the remote, so everything is ready to go.
The timer mode is one of my favorites this fan sports, I always sleep with a fan on, but I absolutely hate waking up in the morning, freezing to death, with a sore throat.  The timer allows me, to set it to,  kick off in 3 hours, if I choose. What's even better is, I can use the shift key, to turn off certain fans, say I want to keep the second fan on but turn 1 and 3 off, it has the ability to let me choose.

I'd also like to add that little fingers can't slip through.  It's designed to keep that from happening. I was so scared my 2 year old would try and stick her fingers in the fan, but there is absolutely no way she can slip her fingers through ig b with its tight design!

Over all this is an excellent fan, it's very durable and sturdy and has highly surpassed all my expectations. It has so many different options, it's extremely quiet and the sensitive touch pad is great and is easy to carry from room to room.
Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Touch Pad

Check out my demonstration of the Ozeri 3X Tower Fan on YouTube here

If your interested in purchasing the Ozeri 3X Tower Fan then hop on over Amazon to order for just 99.95 with free shipping.

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I received this item complimentary for testing and review purposes,  all opinions expressed are entirely me 100%.

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  1. Wow what a nice fan I really need one of those! I too love to sleep with a fan running but hate waking up with a sore throat and freezing. This would be perfect for me and with it being lightweight is an extra bonus. Great review I learned a lot!