Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Review

Hey Ladies! Who loves makeup?!! Have you ever tried an organic line before?
  Did you know that our skin absorbs 60% of what's applied to it and can cause your skin to age faster :( so I'm gonna introduce you an organic makeup line, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques and they have everything you need from cream and powder foundations to makeup remover and bamboo applicator brushes. A large variety of lip colors and eye shadows as well as mascara. Plus so much more, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques has the whole nine yards and has got you covered in every area.

About the company:

* No Animal Testing
* Most products today contain toxic chemicals,  petroleum bases ingredients,  artificial colors & fragrances,  & harmful preservatives that cause hour skin to age faster. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques is completely organic,  natural & Pure. And is free of all those harmful ingredients. No Nano-Particles, Talc, Mineral Oil, No Bismuth Oxychloride,  Petroleum,  Dimethicone, FD&C Colorants,  Synthetic Fragrances,  Phenoxythenal,  Japanese Honeysuckle. 
* Everything is organic, natural,  & Pure. 

  So I wanted to share a few nice items I got! Up first is a trio set of powered, eyeshadow.  

The colors are, Smokey Quartz, Twilight Matte & Diamonds. 
They stick absolutely wonderful and no loose eyeshadow all around my eyes. It comes in the shake container, and looks radiant on. Pictures just doesn't do it justice! You also get a cute little sachet to keep them together for storage. I like to wear heavy eyeshadow,  and it's easy to achieve any look. If you like to go light, then one application is enough.  But you don't have to keep applying and repeating, forever, to get the desired look.  Go check out the variety of colors here!

Up next, is a collection set. 

It comes with a cute carting bag, I chose the Warm Tones with, Coral Botanical Lip Gloss, Taupe & Tahiti Eye Colours & Desert Sunset Cheek Color. 
The lip gloss is amazing and comes in a twist up applicator. It's very bright and stands out and long lasting.  I love love love the color.  The eye shadows are a lighter color, but is still very easy to get the desired look. It applies much better than other eye shadows and sticks better, and no loose powder flying everywhere. Perfect combination with doing multiple colors and very easy to get the duo look. Then last, the cheek powder.  I'm really happy with it as well. It offers a beautiful color and definitely stands out. A little goes a long way, same with everything I have tried by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques. 

So what are you waiting for!! Hop on over to Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques and set up a cart! Like Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques on Facebook and be the first to know about new products coming out or enter a giveaway they host! Be sure to Follow on Twitter they host giveaways there too as well and have great beauty secrets.  

Also be sure to check back on my blog for an upcoming giveaway!  Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques has agreed to sponsor a giveaway in the upcoming blog hop!
Where you can enter to win a lip color of your choosing!  And will ship to anywhere in the US! Starting October 15th. 


  1. Great review as always. I learn a lot from all your reviews. I never knew your face absorbed so much of the makeup you put on it. I'm going to switch to organic now for sure. Thanks!

  2. OHHH, these look amazing! I am starting to only purchase natural cosmetics and would love to try the coral color!