Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bruce Joy Can Opener Review

Boy, have I found the most amazing can opener ever!! It's a manual, stainless steel can opener, that features ultra sharp blades and has a great grip. It's made of the strongest stainless steel and will never break or let you down! It also features a bottle opener and soda tab lifter. A perfect tool to leave in the camper and a must have kitchen tool!
Bru Joy Can Opener
Ultra - Sharp Blades

This isn't like any cheap manual can opener, I have ever used. Everyone knows how hard it is, to initially cut through a can of food. This is totally not the case, it will slide right through any can, and is practically effortless. The great part it has extra thick handles and is very easy to turn, and open a can of food just a blink, instead of fighting, pressing, or loosing your grip, trying to open cans.  I know we have all be there before at some point. The great thing about this can opener is how easy and fast it works.
 Some people suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel and other issues with their hands and is hard from them to just get a good grip, to cut through the can, let alone turning the blades! My mom suffers with arthritis, not just in her hands, but all over especially in her fingers, but the first time she used the Bru Joy Can Opener,  she simply couldn't believe how easy it was and how it didn't hurt her hands and fingers. My mom's arthritis is so bad in her hands and fingers that, it's hard for her to buckle a car seat, let alone use a hard manual can opener.  
She was able to cut through effortlessly, with out sliding off the can and keeping blades in place in no time at all. Normally, I would have to help her or she would be in a battle with the old can opener, I have at my house.
I recommend that any home has a MANUAL can opener.  You never know when the power might go out, or how long before it's up and running again. So now I have to say, the Bru Joy Can Opener is the best to go with. The best part is, it's backed with a lifetime guarantee, but honestly I don't ever see it breaking down. 
It's dishwasher safe or easy to wash with hot soapy water. 

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Disclaimer: I was provided the product complimentary,  in exchange for my honest opinion,  all opinions expressed are entirely 100% mine.

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  1. Great looking can opener! Mine is really old and the blades are dull from years of use. This would make a great replacement for my old one and it would also make a great dorm room gift for college students or even a housewarming gift. Great review :)