Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Puracy All Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash -Review

Are you looking for a new Shampoo and Body wash that is all natural and free of chemicals? Then look no further! Puracy Natural Shampoo & Body Wash
 just released their new product and I'm so happy to review it! 
packaged with extra care, so it doesn't leak
Salon Style Pump

The Shampoo & Body wash is tear free, gentle on skin, and is safe to use. No need to worry about lathering your babies down in chemicals, cause, this stuff is all natural! 
The scent is Citrus Grove, and it smells, oh so good! It's slightly scented and isn't overpowering!  
Does your kids love to take bubble baths? Mine does, so bring those rubber ducks and fishys to the tub for some bubble bath fun! It only takes a couple pumps to get lots of bubbles! So you get 3 in 1! 
It's also non-toxic and biodegradable.  Hypoallergenic and toxin free! One of the ingredients is sea salt and it naturally purifies your baby's skin. 
I have been using this shampoo daily on my daughter and it makes her hair so incredibly soft, it adds a beautiful shine to her hair and her skin is so soft and she smells so good! 
My daughter has very sensitive skin so I have to choose wisely when it comes to skin products of any kind. The Puracy Body Wash has surpassed my expectations, it doesn't irritate her skin or her eyes. A little goes a long way. And one pump gets all her hair, she has long hair for her age. 
The Shampoo & Body Wash comes in a 16 ounce bottle with a salon pump. Which is very convenient when your chasing a moving toddler in the bathtub! 
Puracy Baby

Puracy never tests their products on animals and that's another reason why I'm so happy to support them, and the fact that they have delivered great all natural products! Puracy is made right here, in the USA! 
I'm proud to tell you that every sale Puracy makes they give back to local families in need, with all natural products! So I'm proud to support them. 

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You can order Puracy Shampoo & Body Wash on Amazon for just $12.99,  also 2 day shipping for Prime Members. 

Disclaimer : I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes. My opinion is 100 % all me. 


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