Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Crave Naturals Brow & Lash Kit review

Are you tired of having eyelashes that gets cakey from mascara?  Would you like to add color to your brows or shape them and leave them looking beautiful? The the Crave Naturals Duo Kit is the way to go.
It comes in an adorable canister that will hold even more of you're makeup tools. 1 Lash Perfection Comb and 1 Duo Ended Masterpiece 

The eyelash comb removes any excessive clumps and will straighten those beautiful lashes out so they don't go every which way! Resulting in clumpy free and beautiful separated eyelashes! 
I just use the spoolie to even my eyelashes and shape them and is so easy to get perfection. 
For the angled brow brush, I actually use it to apply my liquid eyeliner, since I don't add color to my brows. It works so much better than my current tool and can get an even straight line. It's so easy to clean and the hairs on it are soft but firm and thick so it makes it easier to apply. 
Now I will admit this Duo Kit is somewhat pricey, but after using these tools, it has become my everyday eyelash and brow tool and is worth every penny for both tools and canister and the beautiful looks you get.  The perfection comb not only removes excessive mascara bit it also looks like it gives my lashes a more extended look.

Clump free lashes :)

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Disclaimer : received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes for my honest opinion.  


  1. Wow I really need one of those my mascara is always clumping up my lashes and making them look bad. Looks like this tool would remove the clumps and make my lashes look full and long. Thanks for the insight

  2. The packaging on this is so dang cute, it reminds me a lot of Benefits products!

  3. OH MY GOD I BOUGHT THIS TOO AND I WOULD LIVE WITHOUT IT! Great review it is a very nice set.