Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Influenster Vitality Voxbox

Woo hoo! I got my second VoxBox!  #VitaVoxBox

#VitaVoxBox contains

First Degree Advanced Burn Cream

*helps reduce the appearance of scars
*protects against infection
*soothes the pain & cools the burn

Great for burns from the stove, grill, curling iron, or scalding water burns.
I'm not too clumsy when it comes to cooking but let me tell you, I'm bad about burning myself on the neck when using a curling iron, when I'm in a rush.

Comes in a 3/4 oz tube.

And when you purchase this product,  a portion of the proceeds go to providing care to victims of critical burns. Isn't that great, it make me want to support this company so much more.

Playtex Sport, Fresh Balance

Lightly scented, I'm gonna say it has a flowerly scent to it. Smells great though.
FlexFit - interlocking fibers work quickly to trap leaks!
OdorShield - designed to neutralize odors.
I have used these tampons before and their great, so it's wonderful to get a box free to review!!

Elizabeth Arden FLAWLESS FUTURE powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum

To help reinforce skins essential moisture barrier, even skin tone, retexturize, and reduce the appearance of early signs and wrinkles.

This serum seems to absorb quickly and dry fast. I love that it doesn't leave my skin sticky or oily.

Pure Leaf Iced Tea

Oh My Goodness!!! I have tried this brand of Tea before and it's been my new favorite for about a month now! The only problem is, I can't find it by the gallon!
It's absolutely the best if you're a tea drinker and if not, if you tried this, you definitely would be!

Soft Lips Cube

Love soft cube lips, makes my lips incredibly soft!

Bikini Ready Energy Gummies

*Boosts Metabolism
*Increases Energy
*Tastes Great
*50 Gummies

New Bikini Ready Energy Gummies are a great tasting vitamin B-12 supplement with caffeine that acts as an energy booster! Along with a healthy diet and exercise program,  this scientifically advanced formula helps boost your metabolism.  Bikini Ready Energy Gummies are a guilt - free pick me up!
I've never tried these or heard of them till now. When I opened the bottle, I immediately smelled a fruity smell, like no other Gummies,  I can't stop smelling, their great. I took one today, it just increased my energy,  this afternoon, after getting tired. Didn't make me shakey or gittery and lasts for a good amount of time.  Felt like a natural energy boost. I usually need an energy boost of the morning and afternoon. The taste is amazing.  I would have kept eating and eating, but you cant :(
*each serving contains approximately 50mg of caffeine,  equivalent to about 1/2 cup of brewed coffee
You can take up to 5 daily, 1 at a time.

I love everything in this VoxBox!

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary for testing and review purposes... my opinion is all mine!

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