Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crave PRECISIO Tweezers - Review

Crave PRECISIO Tweezers

Not Another Cheap Pair of Tweezers

 We've all done it. You head to the local drug store to purchase a new pair of tweezers and end up falling for the cheaper brand just to save a few bucks; after all they'll probably do the same job, right? WRONG. Well, we're glad you're here to know more about Precisio Professional Grade Tweezers - tweezers you buy ONCE and love forever! 

Designed With You in Mind "Professional Grade" is not just some gibberish we invented to get you to purchase this product. It means that, like any professional tool, Precisio tweezers have been designed with you in mind. The ultra-sharp, hand filed tips are perfectly aligned so you get the job done right the first time. Think of how great you'll feel zeroing in with laser-like precision on every last little nasty hair. A great pair of tweezers does so much more than shape your brows. 

The Must Have, Tool For: 

Ingrown hairs:  You hate when they happen. You'll love it when they're gone.

Nose/facial hair:  Yes, others can see them too. Pluck. Remove. Smile. 

Bikini line:  Now you can get every last stray before you hit the beach. 

First aid:  When you're family member has a splinter, you'll be the hero! Ticks? Remove those skin-invaders in a flash.

We've Saved the Best for Last 
All Precisio Tweezers come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE
This means it's 100% risk-free purchase. If you break them or need a replacement, or are not satisfied, we will give you a full refund or replacement guaranteed!

I was so happy Crave Bloggers picked me to do a review for the for the #Tweezers
Cause mine are really old and just don't seem as effective as the once were. But I thought 14 bucks for tweezers was kind of expensive.  I thought I had an expensive pair of tweezers that costed me 7 bucks, lol :)

Little did I know, these tweezers were, gonna be the best pair of tweezers I have ever used!

When they first arrived, they were in a nice little cardboard tube for storing better in the bathroom cabniet. Inside it was the tweezers in a fitting plastic tube with a silicone protector on the very edge to easily fit inside. After seeing how the edges was designed,  I knew they were gonna be perfect.

I am able to get in close and pull any unwanted eyebrow hairs with out pinching the skin. And don't have to "pull and pull" just to get one hair without slipping.  I immediately pull the hair out, without sliding off the hair and pinching myself. One pluck is all it takes and pulls it out from the root so it doesn't grow back faster. With these tweezers the haur doesn't break off at the skin like any other pair I have used. My experience with these so far have exceeded my expectations and never really knew qualities like this excisted. I have always used a cheap pair, and it always was more painful because of constantly trying to pluck those hard hairs that are right under the patch you want to maintain.  So I can selectively tweeze!  This is really exciting for me and any girl that has a hard time plucking eyebrows.  I have never had my eyes brows waxed, and never want to! It just looks so painful and would rather do it myself, right here at home, with the BEST pair of tweezers I have ever tried. This truly is one of the most exciting products, I have ever reviewed!

The design is great and is made with surgical grade stainless steel. If you don't like them or they loose their sharpness,  then there is that full lifetime guarantee to fall back on.

In all, it may be a little more pricey than other tweezers but it pays off big time, just by how easy it is to tweeze and not having to go through as much pain with any ordinary pair. Plus the container it comes in makes it very easy to find in my bathroom cabniet.  I normally put tweezers in a makeup drawer or just put them in my bathroom closet in a little first aide box I have put together,  and always have to hunt to find them. Now I can go directly to them and see them immediately.  Save time and money and never buy another pair of tweezers!  

 Crave PRECISIO Tweezers definitely deserves a 5 star rating in my book!

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Disclaimer:  I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes for my honest review,  my opinion is 100% all me!


  1. Awesome Review.....$14 is kinda expensive for tweezers in my opinion, but if they work that well, it may be worth it.

  2. Yeh that was my thoughts too! I'd never pay 14 bucks for a pair of tweezers, but now I'm seeing why and that it's actually worth it. So precice and selective!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm trying to adapt and get better!

  4. Anything to be hairless. ..lol right !!