Friday, July 18, 2014

Get your Squeasy Gear + GIVEAWAY

                               Squeasy Gear 6 oz snacker

Has anyone heard of Squeasy Gear? It's a new company that makes reusable food containers for kids.

Each one is made of a Food Grade Silicone that is BPA Free, non toxic plastic,  and no phthalates.
- No spill insert
- reversible for cleaning
- Bacteria Resistant Silicone
- Easy feeding on the go
- Dishwasher safe

They are actually really cute and it seems like a good way to get my daughter to eat puree's. She has never liked puree's, I think it's the texture . I weaned her off puree's when she was about 7 months old. And every since I can't get her to eat applesauce or anything like that. She loves yogurt but only wants the gogurts now. But she is actually eating yogurt from this. It's easy just put your yogurt in and for thicker liquids you take of the free flow insert. It helps with spills, especially if you have little ones that want to be independent ( like mine )! But she actually loves eating and sipping from this.

Just enjoying some strawberry yogurt! Woo hoo!! 
And mommy can clean while baby snacks!! With out having to worry about a MESS!! I'm constantly running around picking up leaking sippy cups and wiping up spilled milk or juice or whatever she drinks and trying to keep it off the couch. Those cups have ruined my new couch. From stains and what not. That won't clean up. But not anymore I'm gonna switch her to those for a sippy and I really like the spill proof insert cause it doesn't come out fast. This is a really nice squeeze container and one of my favorites.  I want to get all colors. Like them on Facebook 
here. It looks like every week they have a giveaway.  Go check them out and enter it! 
Or Check out their website

I give this Snacker 5 stars, it is leak proof and no spills. The fact that it isn't made with plastic makes me want it even more. Plastic is so dangerous for anyone to drink out of because of the chemicals leaching in to the drink. That's why I love this so much more and my child does. If it wasn't BPA Free I wouldn't have tried it. I want my child healthy and that means you also have to watch what they eat and what they eat from. It can't always be glass either with little kids. This is perfect I recommend it to any mommy or daddy. 

Giveaway ends on August 9th, winners get to choose between 3 colors. Pink, Green, and Turquoise

Congrats to the winners

Toni P.
Heather H.
Audrey G.

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  1. I really enjoy following your blog, I am really wanting to buy my kids some of these Squeasy Gear products, I woukd love to have something that really doesn't leak, I trust that you are honest too, you are making an impact on my family and the products we buy, we are going mpre green too! Thanks!! Love ya cuz!!

  2. We have one too, and my son loves it.

  3. Thats awesome! I want more!! one just isnt enough!!

  4. I so need to try these!

  5. Awesome product and give away