Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ology Party

So i signed up for Green Moms Meet to be a mom ambassador.  If you have a mom group, you would love this extra bonus. Basically they are more in to natural more green products and organic.  What happens is you apply for something you think you and you moms would like and if you get accepted you will get samples for your group and full sized samples for you. And you give them your honest review.  They will do webinars, and Facebook parties so that you can ask your questions live. Not just samples that you get, you are getting information on a lot of products and help you be aware of more organic foods friendly cleaners, natural or organic juices. I try to attend every webinar possible.  I want to learn more and more.

So my group and I was chosen to try Ology detergent.  They sent me a full size all purpose cleaner to keep and paper towels that are tree free and made with bamboo and sugar cane. And it's biodegradable.  Ology is an exclusive Walgreens brand. They have a large line. You can get all purpose cleaner, detergent,  paper towels, white paper, toilet paper, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, baby lotion, baby soap, shampoo, liquid hand soap and more. It's all made recycled materials and has no harmful chemicals or perfumes.  They are plant based and are not tested on animals. It's also very affordable.  I fell in love with the cleaner. Normally i won't purchase a cleaner that has a scent, cause it either stinks and I'm afraid that there is more chemicals added to it. But I just love the all purpose cleaner the smell is Amazing and long lasting actually.  I also like the detergent too. It has a nice slight sent to it and my daughter didn't break out in a rash. Come to find out it was the other detergents I was using keeping her having little dots everywhere. The day after the first was it started clearing up so I knew right then what it was.
So here is what came in my sampling box.

It also had 20 one dollar of coupons to pass out and a information page about the products.  

I liked these products so much that I went out and got 3 more all purpose sprays to stock up. I got one of the baby soap and shampoo to try on my daughter.  I got a box of tissues and a full sized bottle of detergent and one of the bathroom cleaners. I only got one cause it was peppermint scented. I'm not a big fan of peppermint either,  but this completely changed my mind.  
Here is a photo of what everything I got. 

I decided to go a head and add the samples I got in the photo to make it look nice. I love doing display pictures. Which I for got I also got the liquid hand soap!! 

But you can purchase the all purpose spray for around $3.50. That's is a good price. That's why I stocked up, cause I love the whole brand. 

You can see the labels a little better in that photo.  
But I'm very proud of this product and I want to encourage everyone to give it a try. 
The detergent has 33 loads and you can get it for about 6.50 and that's a great price. I am scared of washing my clothes in a detergent filled with toxic chemicals and dyes. This just makes me feel better about my self switching more products one at a time to a cleaner and health effective product. 

The All Purpose Cleaner you can purchase around 3.49 depending on your location. That's actually a great price for a green hippy product, as my husband says. That's why I stocked up. And it cleans great and is a citrus base, no ammonia, harsh solvents or dyes. It's safe for your family. The scent is Meyer Lemon and Lavender.  Sounds a little funky to me at first. But to tell you the truth I love it. It doesn't smell like a big aroma or chemicals.  It has a great scent just like the bottle says. So no need to go out and spend a fortune on a green cleaner.  Walgreens has an exclusive brand. The Ology Brand. 


  1. I've never used anything from this brand before. I think I need to give it a try.

    1. I think you would love it. Start off with something like the All Purpose cleaner. It has the best smell ever. And it cleans super great. You can purchase it for around 2.87. Let me know if you try something :))